Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Despite it being only girls in the house at the moment. It has been a good day for me.
  1. It didn't snow today and I didn't have to shovel or pretend to shovel ( as I'm not allowed to). It also wasn't freezing cold.
  2. CJ had a great play date which tired her out resulting in a 2+ nap. Which means that I also got a 2+ nap.
  3. I get to sleep with my daughter tonight. We don't get to do this much, and I'm not sure if we'll sleep through the night together as she snores, sucks and is generally noisy. But, Ja is away tonight and she has called dibs. This also means that I'll have still have a hotso in bed to keep me warm.
  4. I got to sit on the couch to eat Lays ripple chips with the cat. Yes! the cat...she likes chips and we give in to her.
  5. I had the best greens beans for dinner tonight. I think I might just have to have them again tomorrow.
  6. I've got all the laundry cleaned and the dishes put away.
  7. Valentines came and went and we all survived it.
  8. The new Martha Stewart Kids is out ( or maybe I just saw it) and it's got such fun ideas. I think Courtney has to age a bit more - but it's good for 5 - for sure 6 years olds and older. I was in Pottery Barn kids the other day and saw their kids sewing machine on sale and was sooo tempted but it said 8 and up. That's eons away.
  9. Only burnt 2 batches of cookies, but was still left with 2 - so it's all good.
  10. Finally downloaded my pictures from the Cruise onwards. Looks like I took enough to still scrap away. Next to do...print pictures.

Here's a picture of the cute felt Valentine envelopes that I concocted. I'll be using them next year again.

Also, the sweet Valentine that I made for CJ - she "says" that she likes Hello Kitty.

We'll see. I think she has a friend who likes Hello Kitty. She's so funny these gold and yellow are really her favorite colour. We went shopping yesterday and bought her some dresses - she wants to wear dresses to school...and guess what colour they all got it - PINK!

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