Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No legs at all

We have just gotten back from a long caribbean cruise. And, what I have learned is that yes, I can survive travelling 3000 nautical miles but in reality any future travel will be done on air miles. By day 2 of our 10 day cruise, I was moaning and not feeling well. I later learned from Ja's family note that I was a slight shade of green! Sure, the sea was rough and if I could take gravol instead of only relying on my sea bands it might have been better...but I sure wanted to get on a plane instead of back on the boat when we docked on the Dominican Republic. Still, I am a trouper and since Ja and Courtney were having a good time, what's being sick a few times a day?

So...if I ever mention going on a boat again - question me....ask me where my sea legs are...and while you are at it...if you find my land legs send them my way. Apparantly, when you have a bad bout of sea sicknessness...even the comfort of land makes you dizzy and faint. I'm hoping that day 4 on land will be back to normal.

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