Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Food battles again.

For the last 4 1/2 years, it has been a constant struggle / battle to feed Courtney. There is just something in her will that resists eating. She would rather sleep, play, do nothing, anything really than consume food. Today has been another day of bringing back a full lunch. On the one hand, I am thankful that she is not throwing it out - as I guess kids do when they are older, but it is such dissapointment, frustruation and disbelief for me open her lunch box kit to find that everything is pretty much there except the packaged "junk" - which today was dried fruit, so isn't too bad. I asked her what she was doing during her nutrition break and she said eating and chatting. Chatting!!!!??? Now, over the course of the day, they have 30 minutes total of designated eating and I cannot comprehend how little food and drink is consumed during that period. How can she not be hungry? I guess maybe she is just used to it.

Anyways, it's been a long day of shopping for her, buying things for her, all about her really - and to come back to a full lunch is just so unfufulling right now.

I know she is healthy and fine really but it just drives me CRAZY.

I wonder will it ever end? Maybe I'll be lucky and this next child will just eat whatever I put in front of him. No doubt, I'll have something different to complain about.

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