Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Getting ready

So, we have started the process of renovations. Again. Our second house this time around and we have only bought a slightly newer house than our first. Sigh. So, the renos are soon amist us. We've decided to gut and redo the entire basement complete with a proper bedroom and bathroom. My craft room will more than likely shrink and also do double duty as an office space...and hopefully the laundry will be more like my second craft room ( ha - just joking!). But really, we've started the painting of what we call the twin room....what used to house two twin beds. This will be CJ's new and bigger big girl room complete with a new bed frame that mommy is shopping for, a more organized closet and some kind of storage/junk/bookcase/toy system so that we can bring up more toys into her room, and hopefully a lovely and big chair and a half as we're all a bit overflowing on her bed for night time these days. We've caved and she'll be getting a pink and purple room with new carpet too - to help muffle the noise of our rambunctious daughter. Here is she, ever the helper...patching her new walls!

And did I ever show her (mostly) completed bathroom. It's quite the spot. A bit bright for some tastes...but totally fun for her. A deep deep tub too - that I'll soon be taking over for baths!

So, as we move along...I'll show and tell.

Happy March everyone!

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