Thursday, April 03, 2008

A little fresh bread's April. I can't believe it. Here it is still on the chilly side although the sun comes out and the snow is almost melted; such that Courtney has been asking to bike or scooter to school. In her dreams. I've told her when the snow is all gone and the flowers are out - then we can talk about it. Still, it is April and we've re-started walking to school and back...much to her dismay.

I've been making bread the last couple of weeks. Trying different recipes each time. They are all kind of the same and kind of different. I'm not sure if it's because of my pregnant nose and taste buds, but they just don't seem AMAZING to me, like fresh bread out to be. Both Ja and CJ have no complaints...especially as it is white bread that is coming out of the oven. So far, I have tried a Barefoot Contessa recipe. It was actually nice texture, but it seemes too yeasty or something. Next I pulled out my grade 8 home ec. recipe so who knows how ancient that really is. It was less rich and tasted less commercial and less yeasty, but something was still missing. Today, I have tried a Jamie Oliver recipe. It uses the most yeast ( at least I put in tons) and rose really nicely. I even threw in some olives in one of the loaves because it's amazing bread, olives in it. It is sitting on the counter cooling and smells good. Oh, I'm on the hunt for semolina flour too. Next time I go to the grocery store, I'll have stock up on bread or hard flour as I've just been using all purpose - I bet it makes a difference, but maybe not - as I'm not using a bread machine.

I'll let you know what the family thinks of this batch.

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