Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring showers and other things

The forecast is for a week of spring showers. I had hoped to get some plants in before the rain, but my bump has pretty much prevented me from bending over very much. I'm going to head out in a sec. to just stick some plants in dirt - so I don't kill them - and so they benefit from some of the rain.

The weekend was another packing and getting ready for the basement reno. Ja has proclaimed that we are expert nesters as we seem to stay at an 80% cleared out basement forever. A lot of it we will junk or give away at the curb - or maybe have a clear out garage sale this coming Satureday. It is still up in the air. We have some decent furniture pieces that we'd like to move out - and if we can get some money for it - great! Still, it's a slow process. We also finished our taxes ( or Ja did) and will submit last minute again! The baby's room is almost ready to be painted too. Still deciding on the colour - but my job today is to decide on it - the can of Benjamin Moore Eco Spec sitting in the foyer. Which by the way, if you haven't used before - WAY - better - low VOCs - I really like the no after smell of paint fumes. I never knew this, but their highest line of paint also has the lower amount of VOC - can't smell that - we used a small tin of it for CJ's room - and apparantly, their newest line Aura - which is a no primer needed paint - is one of the lowest and slickest paints on the market.

One realization this weekend is that I still have a ways to grow ( my belly that is). I met this lady who is 2 weeks due - and I was seriously shocked by how big her tummy is. It is a daily thing that I complain about the size of mine and now in comparison, I'm a bit scared of how much bigger I will or need to be. As I enter the third trimester, the growing season is just about to begin. I wonder if I"ll be able to hang out in the pool and float which CJ has her swim lessons this summer. Ummmm - may have to start checking out pools to float around it.

It's Monday and volunteer day. I was luckily able to convince my daughter to 1) change out of her christmas tree shirt, 2) change out of a wildly printed shirt to a plainer one as she was wearing striped leggins and colourful Little Mismatch socks. I also learned this morning perhaps why her school outfits are a bit bonkers. See, I only let her wear her school worn clothes once and they go in the laundry. As she is naturally a clean girl, she can get a lot of wear out of her having not getting them dirty, stained or smelly. So, she told me this morning that she didn't want to wear her pink shirt cause she really likes it and likes to wear it at least twice. Makes sense to me.

Otherwise, things are good around here. Our front yards is a bit bare having ripped out the yew shrubs. Ja swears that this is the year that we'll have a green yard - so far - it's looking a bit sod bare. There is a little bird building a nest in our birch branch - very exciting for Courtney to check out. Lots of fun with Courtney. We've started to reach "chapter" books for nighttime. She is loving Flat Stanley right now. She is playing with her Polly Pockets and Webkinz and her cuddlies more too. She's also really into writing messages and even reading sometimes. It's so amazing to watch her sound things out phonetically, to see how her little brain works. She's been doing it mostly on her little doodler which unfortunately gets erased. I wish she would do it in her writing or drawing book, but I'm pleased that she is doing it.

OK - that's enough of us. Here are some pics...apparantly, I didn't take that many in April. Have a great rainy day everyone.

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