Friday, May 23, 2008

Belly Picture

People have been asking ( and I have said that I would) post a belly picture. However, I am realizing there isn't really a good belly picture of just me. So, here is one of me and CJ a few months back. I'll see if we can have a photoshoot this weekend and try to capture this belly once and for all.

OK. This one was taken back in Feb - so maybe it is a bit cheating. I have some more pictures in the camera to download, so maybe there will be something more recent in there.

It's finally Friday and we'll have some quiet from the banging of the construction. The week has been busy starting with the tail end of the Victoria long weekend. Courtney and I are both tired from longer days. On some nights she hasn't been falling alseep until past 8:30 pm! So she is grouchy and mostly cranky the next day. I suppose this is what happens as kids get older, schedules become a bit more flexible and we expect kids to just adapt. But that takes time. I will have to remember that instead of just getting grumpy at her because I am grumpy too.

I read over my pregancny journal from my first baby and see that this baby is moving around way differently than Courtney did. Whereas, I would say Courtney was a kicker, this guy is definely a wiggler and wringer ( is that a word?). This morning, I decided to get back to walking in the morning even though I still haven't quite gotten rid of the cold that I've had now forever. It just keeps lingering and lingering and lingering.

Anyways, my friends, I hope that you are all sleeping on your back and belly for me. I'm looking foward to sleeping on those parts of my body just as soon as the baby arrives. I'm thinking it will be heaven.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to do some crafting now. I got my sewing machine fixed and am busy making stuff. Maybe you'll get something handmade for x-mas this year! I'll again post some of the stuff that I've made - like a couch for nou nou! As the end of May approaches, I ought to probably devote more preparation time to getting ready for the baby.

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Michelle said...

Wow! You look so nice and round. When are you due?