Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Making things

So, I've decided to cut into my beautiful fabric stash and start making small things and trying out the patterns and ideas that I've been gathering.

Here is a fun door stop made from a pattern from the book Simple Sewing. The reno guys have put up a makeshift door to the basement, but it's only makeshift so our smart ( sneaky) cat has figured out how to open the door by sticking her paw under the door and pulling. So for the first week, we were putting a stool in front of the door to keep her out. Now with this nifty door stop filled with stuffing and some of Ja's precious fossil rich rocks - it's doing the job of keeping the cat out!

The second item is a little door pillow that I constructed with some of my favorite scraps by designers Anna Maria Horner and Heather Bailey, oh a bit of Amy Butler fabric. On one side, it says mommy is in and on the other it say mommy is out. Apparantly, it's very important for Courtney to know where I am. With her now being able to open doors and just go outside, this has helped her know there is no need to go outside to look for me. I let her use some gel markers to doodle a bit on the pillow too. She loved that part!

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Christy said...

You inspire me! Perhaps I should get my machine out? I'll have to use it on layouts though- no fabric here. Probably a good thing-don't need any more hobbies! Check out my blog for photos of our new dog. :)