Friday, June 06, 2008's a hot day....but...

it might just be too hot. It's been cool the last couple of days. Enough to be sporting long sleeved shirts and even fleeces. But today, it's hot. Someone at school said that it would be 38 with the humidity! OMG. Just waddling to school with Courtney made me hot and tired. I've had the furnace actually off the last couple of days, so, the house it cool - but we'll see how long that lasts and how long my two hotsos ( that would be ja and courtney) last and start to complain about the heat at night. I've thought about opening windows at night but there is a symphony of birds that do their thing at night time and pre-dawn and then morning. I know some people might look forward to the songs of birds waking them up, but when I hear them...all I can think of is a bunch of baby birds with their mouths open and screaming, "feed me, feed me!". So....the windows are staying shut!

It's June and the wind downs of the first year of school. I wonder just how crazy I will go having Courtney here all the time in the summer. So far, she's got a week of camp in August and started some swim lessons at a pool down the street. The idea behind not filling her up with tons of activities was me thinking that this would be the last month of just mommy and little daughter bonding...just the two of us. I'm thinking now for it to work, I'd better do a bit more prep for it...otherwise it might just turn into one big DVD/TV marathon!

Still over a month to go...if my due date of July 19th is really true. I am not looking forward to getting bigger. I feel big already but for those who remember being pregnant...I don't have my eating ledge as I did with Courtney. Remember that? You could sit down anywhere and have a portable table to place food, stuff, whatever on your stomach and it would just be handy....nope, nope ledge for me this time around. As Courtney says, "boo hoo".

Anyways, here are a few random pics for you to check out. Have a great weekend everyone...don't forget, Father's Day is next weekend!

**every once in a while, Courtney plays a bit too much before bedtime. Check out the chair in the corner of her bed. And, you can't tell, but there are at least 2 books hidden in her covers, and the crib by her bed...well, Beautie is hanging out with her and have a sleepover. ***

***I just love this fabric and cute skirt that I made for Courtney. Now if only she would wear it more!*** ***look at me!.. I am not pregnant****
***ok - maybe I have a little bump****.

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Anonymous said...

Look at you! Told mom your great news. Congrats to all of you. Mom is living with us now since she had a fire at her place. Call us sometime to catch up. Take care of yourself & the family.

Diana Pollock