Friday, July 04, 2008

It's Friday again

And it's supposed to be 3 days of hot and sun. Courtney has started to enjoy watching the weather/traffic channel in the morning as we laze around waiting before we ( OK - me) get up. At the moment, she is still sleeping which is actually a bit unusual as normally she is up earlier than me, but maybe she is finally getting the whole sleeping in concept. Now, I'm not sure if that is entirely a good thing.

So, it is officially 2 weeks until my due date and I almost have all my first pass of things of my list to do and make almost done. I am so much more organized this time around or maybe I am just much more of a doer than procrastinator. I'll post a few more of my sewing projects for you to see, but my new Janome machine and I are getting a long just fine. I'm also done my layouts for the first year of baby boys life too minus titles, mounts and embellishments but I kept the same layout for the whole album and just changed papers each quarter. Yeah! Also printed out May and June photos as Costco - and I think I missed April so have to go back to do that. I guess it kinds of sounds like I'm nesting a bit. Didn't really think of it that way.

On other fronts, the basement is coming along. Fingers crossed that the flooring will be done by today. Almost all the a hardwood is in, the lino is in and just carpet to do. Tile guy is supposed to come to do the bathroom and our contractor picked up a really nice bathroom vanity for us yesterday at 60% off - got to love that! It's really coming together and now that the floor is in in the laundry room, we can stop hoarding our dirty laundry too! It's a good think Courtney has at least 3 weeks or so worth of underwear!

Not much planned this weekend. Last weekend was fun filled with a trip down to Niagara, Marineland, overnight in a hotel, Niagara Butterfly conservatory, Toronto Island Centreville day and a quiet easy Canada day BBQ with inlaws. Whew! So maybe just some shopping in Toronto, hunting for new sofa and basement fixtures and maybe a trip to Lowes. It's a bit of a drive, but I"m still dying to go check it out.

Well, I guess I"d better get the pancake mix ready as I"m getting really hungry now...the cookie and tea is not stopping the baby from moving and complaining about being fed.

Hope you all have a great weekend - and happy 4th of July if you are celebrating today!

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