Sunday, August 10, 2008

3 weeks and 1 day old

Well...the ultrasound was correct. There was indeed a little baby boy in my tummy. Of course, it turns out he wasn't really that little. We are now a little nuclear family welcoming baby Jeremy Nicholas Yi-Chun Squires on July 19, 2008. He was born just before 7 AM after a not so traumatic delivery. He weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches. He was actually pretty cute. The nurses kept saying that he was big and I guess he is as we think he's maybe even about 10 lbs now! Courtney was such a little peanut, it's a real surprise and change to not have to worry about his weight. So far, early days are going well. He's pretty good. We're working on the sleeping part now. I seem to recall Courtney sleeping wherever and whenever, but not so with this little guy. I think he's tummy is always rumbling or something.

Courtney is besotted with her little brother and can't wait for him to be a bit more exciting. Her favourite word these days is boring. Sigh. Still, she loves him and cares for him and loves to help. She also is a little miss know it all at the moment. Apparantly, it only takes an almost 5 year old about.....oh 5 minutes to become an expert in something. Correction, not something - everything. We've been watching the Olympics. The opening ceremonies were incredible. China sure went all out with their show - kudos to them for the whole presentation. The sports and athletetism is an idea that Courtney is still trying to grasp and learn. I think it must be like money. In any case, after watching some swimming, Courtney has gone from saying she is probably the same as them, to maybe they are a bit better than she is, so they do similar type of swimming except she does the back float not the back crawl. Got to love her definitism and confidence. She's also decided that she doesn't like boxing anymore.

Anyways, I leave you with some pictures. My little squawker is having trouble settling. I'm not sure what his thing is. He probably doesn't know either. Seems like too much excitement gets him too riles up and I've been nursing so much, he's got it in him that he needs to nurse to calm down. I'm trying to remember when we tried a soother with Courtney. Probably still too early.


Christy said...

What gorgeous photos of the two of them! (and one of you as well- good job) Let me know when you are ready for me to bring 6 soothers over to figure out which one he likes. Tomorrow?

mc said...

Jenn, your children are beautiful and so are you ! Inside and out, you seem so peaceful and at ease in your new role of mother of two. You are a natural.

mc xxx