Monday, September 08, 2008

Courtney's birthday party

So, we had an early party for her. Partly because it was easier as the kids were from her old school. I thought about having a party for her inviting her new classmates but decided that it was a bit silly to have a second party for really the guests and not so much for her.

The party was a hit with everyone. Princess Ariel was a bit success. Some kids were wowed by her and even turned shy. Courtney loved it and wants her to come when she turns 6.

Her real birthday is this friday, so I guess in a way, she will have 2 celebrations.

Right now, she is enjoying all the decorations ( still up in the house) and loving all the balloons. I got 30 - and gave away the 11. She and Beautie are having so much fun playing with them.

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