Monday, September 29, 2008

Is he not the handsomest?

So we are just finishing up the 9th week and entering the 10th and Ja may be accurate in saying that we are leaving the "sleepy phase". This time around, we didn't really have much of a sleepy baby who will sleep anywhere and everywhere phase, but whatever sleepiness is in Jeremy is quickly being replace with the yelling and babbling phase.

We are a quiet household. I have been trying to explain this as Courtney bounds around, heels slamming on the floor like an elephant, so it will be a bit of an adjustment to the noise that this boy baby creates. Already, he is loud. There is no other way to put it. Just this morning, he woke up happy and early ( in my books that's 6:30 AM) and started to babble. If I could translate baby language, I would guess that he was saying something like, "OK, I am awake. ok, I AM awake, OK, I AM AWAKE! come and see me". I tried to ignore him at first, but he just got too loud, even with the monitor turned off, to ignore. Also, Courtney is next door and I need her to sleep as much as she can as it's the start of another week of school.

Don't get me wrong. Babbling is good, in fact when he does it, it's quite cute and irresistable. He's got that cute in the eyes thing going to.'ll be a different experience for us. Whoever said that every baby is different sure knew what they were talking about.

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