Monday, September 08, 2008

New Beginnings

It's past Back to School and it's just occurred to me that the blog address is probably not quite appropriate anymore - with Jeremy that is. I'll have to look into changing it something.

Courtney's now had school for 3 full days. She seems to have adjusted to the change alright. Although, it has to be hard being the new kid. Hopefully, she won't have to change schools for a while. For now, she's taking it in full stride. Leaves happy and excited. Comes back, hot, tired, happy and hungry. Today, was a good day as she made a new friend. A girl at that...and her desk buddy talked to her. Just what we need - chatting in the classroom.

Here is a picture of her on the first day. It's all a bit of a rush and I didn't get great pictures as she just took off. Jeremy is being mostly good about being dragged out of his nice, warm, cozy swaddle.

Also, a recent picture of the two of them. Jeremy is turning into such a cutie pie. He's getting more and more vocal, trying to suck something - we hope his thumb or something soon as he's not taking the soother; and for us holding him is his soothing mechanism, he's getting that bald spot at the back of his neck from looking left/right all the time, his neck is stroner and he's in 3-6 month clothes - on the whole.

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