Friday, October 31, 2008

Busy...right up to the end of October

I almost didn't make it this morning. It's Halloween and Courtney had a Halloween party at school today, plus it was special assembly. Between getting the normal day going and preparing for the day, I barely barely got it all pulled together.

I have to practice doing things earlier. But, I suppose it is like anything...there is nothing like HAVING to do it and pushing yourself to the limit to multitask and get as many things done all at once. The one saving thing is that we did have her costume done earlier this week....thank goodness...and poor Jeremy is just mostly a tag along this week.

Last night it was all prep, prep for Ja's birthday which is always on the 3rd of November, but somehow seems really sudden and close to Halloween. Probably because Halloween was never a big deal until this year. But, prepping for the party. I put my name down for juice and cheese and crakers. And of course, much to Ja's dismay, I can't just cut the cheese and put it on a has to be like this:
And since going to this new school, it is on the one hand more like what I thought school would be in terms of class parties, bringing treats for birthdays, field trips ect...I had to work on some Halloween treats for the kids. We probably popped close to a full bag of popcorn kernels to turn out enough orange and brown popcorn to be bagged. In the end, there was enough for 25 ziploc bags plus a couple of handfuls to munch and sample. Poor Courtney doesn't even get her bag as I forgot about her music and french teachers so instead I promised her that we would make some more...but I'm not sure if she's really that trilled about not having any like the other kids.

So, here's the treats. Bag toppers are stamped with my CTMH stamps - all retired stamps and ink colours are hydrangea, kiwi and orange. I used my Martha Stewart pumpkin punch which I got on sale last year and glittered them. I'm going to make my own glitter trees this year for x-mas tags...well - Courtney is going to.

So, this morning I wanted to try and leave by 8AM to get parking....but we were a bit late. Courtney was a bit excited - ok - a lot - and insisted on brushing her teeth before she had breakfast in case it was too rushed and she would run out of time....( she is always wondering why I brush before I eat breakfast - I tell her my teeth feel yucky - but it's really because I don't have time for food in the AM). Still, she brushes them, has the smallest breakfast...she really is excited. I meant to pack up the truck the night before, but I was busy cutting up little I start to pack up the car. Popcorn bags, juices, need to ice pack the cheese, her napsack, her library book ( it's day 5 so library day), put charged battery in camera, bring camera, put out the green garbage and recycling, oh - she needs to get her costume on, pack up her poof in a bag, pull out 2 popcorn bags for her music and french teachers, out the door....oops forgot to make her lunch, back in the kitchen to grab her water bottle ( as her teacher doesn't let them get water from the fountain), and make her lunch ( OK - what to make for her). Luckily, I made her halloween card last night, ok - now we are set. Have to get the nursing pillow, little jacket for Jer, and of course wake up Jeremy. Whew...we set off. Oh - and did I say that all this happens in about 30 minutes...because of course none of us are early birds and wake up early on a big day like this!

We get to the school and it is packed. I'm not sure what I thought...maybe a few extra cars...and we are a bit early. Come Christmas concert, it's going to be a zoo there, we are leaving extra early for that one!

Still, we get there. I change Jeremy's diaper with the car door open. I help Courtney into her poof and she starts to complain about how cold she is standing around, but Jeremy has been in the same diaper for 12 hours now - so it has to be switched. I strap him into the Bjorn carrier and we get there. It's a traffic jam in the halls, but we are there, with everything and in one piece. Of course, I forget to take a picture of Courtney in her chick costume all nice and clean. Her hair isn't put up and will be a mess later too. I'll have to work on presentation and appearances.

So...that's the start of my halloween...hope yours isn't as crazy...or maybe it's all good though. I'll be working on Christmas earlier too....that is if I get through birthday month coming up.

Happy Hallowween.

Oh. Here are the lyrics to the song that the SK classe sang at assembly. It's really quite spooky in an SK kind of way.

Have you seen the ghost of Tom?
Long white bones and the rest all gone.
Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on?
Ghost of Tom, no skin on. Ghost of Tom, no skin on.

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Christy said...

Wow, Jen- you make me feel like an underachieving mama. Did you get some good photos of them on Halloween? Happy B-day to Ja. :)