Thursday, October 23, 2008

If I can make can you.

I am not an expert sewer. Far from it, I'm lazy, imprecise, easily disoriented by a pattern, but I do like to sew. Lately, I have been throwing myself into it. Starting with materials. My stash of fancy designer modern quilting fabrics is growing and much like scrapbooking papers, I feel like I can't cut into the yardage. But, I have discovered making things with the beautiful fabrics, the end result is actually much more enjoyable than the pretty fabric.

So, here is Jeremy in some Amy Butler fabric. I'm still figuring my way around creating with fabrics, so for the next little while it'll be mostly using patterns...but that's OK too. Pattern is using the kinomo top from Amy Butler's new sewing book for little ones.

I'm also concocting a costume for Courtney. Halloween is next week. First version was tried on tonight, but way too snug and hard to get out of. I've made version 2 tonight. I can't wait to show you how it turns out. I'm off to hunt for white feathers cute and soft she'll be. Hot too - with all that "insulation".

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