Wednesday, October 22, 2008

With my first born, I tried to take pictures every couple of days. I have stacks and stacks of photos now of the first couple of years of her life. Of which, I've been lucky to capture and create into a scrapbook page. I remember when Courtney was between 3-4, the camera came out less often. More special events, birthdays, holidays, you know that I mean. Then when I was pregnant, the camera almost became a foreign object. I stopped capturing the every day things. That, and my subject was less ameniable to posing or looking at the camera...and you can only take so many shots of the back of someone's head. The whole taking of pictures got a revival when Ja got me an SLR camera for my birthday. All of a sudden, I had shutter speed and I could sneak a pic here and there when she wasn't looking. With Jeremy, my second born, the camera is out in the open these days. I really try to take pictures everyday, but the days slip by. It's somehow less of a camera moment when he smiles or coos or starts kicking his legs. I am also reminded of how similar the two of them (shhhh - in a pinch I could probably get away with interchanging pictures). What is different is that when I do take pictures or set up a mini photo shoot, I take a lot at once. So, I just might not have a pictures for every milestone for little Jem, but if you are looking for a second by second photo play of a day...let me know - I can probably help you out.

One bonus of taking pictures a bit like the paprazzi is that you can get fluke shots like this one...which only perhaps a mom can says is cute.

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