Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4 months old

How time flies. Little Jeremy is 4 months old and actually not that tiny. He's well into his 3-6 month old clothes and for some things he's already busting at the seams. Wearing cloth diapers always makes things a bit bunchier too. Strangely, he's still tiny around the waist...but maybe that is just how it should be...don't boys have waists that don't really change and skinny legs no thighs.

Here he is, still bald in the little Caillou chair. We think it's pretty funny that Caillou is bald too.

He still doesn't say all that much. Mostly when he is hungry or tired. It might change as today, he started to laugh out loud. Such joy! I can almost remember Courtney laughing out loud. It was wonderful. Not much to the babbling but he's starting to work on his "b" sounds.

And Courtney, well she is still mostly sweet. I've been taking some time before supper and before nighttime to play with her and she's really liked that. She's even being nice to me again. But of course, she is 5 that means more spark and spunk.

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