Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Countdown to the holiday season.

You are probably thinking that the countdown should start in December, but I've decided that December is probably too late. After a couple of years of being late for mailouts, cards, picture taking, baking...I am coming to the realization that a bit early is less stress and less crowds. Although with the economy the way it's heading maybe it won't be so crazy at the shops this year. I am not going to wait to find out and if you are reading this...why chance it. Since every other blog is listing great gift ideas, I thought I would do the same and pull out some of my favorites. I am really going to try to do a mostly handmade holiday season...but sometimes a little something in plastic is a nice surprise.

I read in Canadian Family magazine that Bath & Body Works opened up locations in Canada and I couldn't believe how out of the loop I was. If you've never heard of them, they are like a Body Shop but with less of an eco / natural spin. Think Victoria Secret but all bath and body stuff. I can remember for years coming back from the States toting some kind of cream, bath sud, soap from them. Well, they are in Canada...mostly in Ontario with one location outside at the West Ed. mall in Edmonton. I'm thinking me and Jeremy might have to go check it out before it gets too crazy with the holiday season and stock up.

I'm sure they deliver too...so if you are thinking of some nice smellies try them out. I'm not usually pro-anti bacteria soap but I do love theirs and I find it much tidier than having a soap bar as soap just never dries out between use and gets all squishy, mushy and kids love to squirt it onto the floor.

This is such an insiprational link of gift ideas. This would be the I wish my child and me and my family were so hip and stylish so I could buy such things kind of spot. Every once in a while I try to put Courtney is something like this - but it almost always get rejected. Now that I am making a bit of this stuff and sticking Jeremy in it, she occasionally gives in.

Another store that is apparantly coming to Canada is Anthropologie. This is just a blissfull store. I think I went into my first shop in Denver many years ago and sighed and oohed some more when I went into the one in Beverly Hills. It's just dreamy. Of course, I would have to be a tad more of a 'matchy' colours, edgier style girl, change my body shape, have the time to try on the clothes (did you know some clothes you really have to try on - you can't tell by it hanging on the hanger?). But, like I said...it's a good feel good store...and if I keep busy with J & C, maybe I will be able to squeeze into something from there and not look like a sausage. But, still...dreamy. Oh...I might also add it's a tad pricey....all the more reason to just screen shop.

Oh dear...it's November and I don't have a November photo folder....better fix that today and get some pictures up. Jeremy is such a big boy. Almost 4 months and bucking his current sleep schedule....might be that time of sleep training!

Have a great day everyone and I'll try to get some pics up later this afternoon.

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