Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is something that came from one dad to another. I love how in this day and age, it's not just mom's who are into this and on the look out on how to be a parent. I've printed this and will be taping it on the fridge - kind of like when one learns a new word - I'll trying to incorporate some of these phrases into my everyday language.

List of Encouraging Words and Actions
Encouragement is one of THE most important concepts for parents to understand. All misbehaviour stems from a child's feeling of discouragement and the "prescription" or "cure" or "prevention" of misbehaviors comes from parents learning to be encouraging to their children. Encouragement is NOT praise. Praise is simply a reward that is verbal in nature. Praise is doled out by some person who stands in judgment of another's actions, who only recognizes the completed and perfect work of another. Encouragement on the other hand is non-judgmental. It conveys the message that you are fine just the way you are, and gives recognition to a persons willingness to try and to improve and to be helpful and useful.
Encouragement is not just words, but also thoughts and actions. Here is a list of ways to be more encouraging that is from a hand out created by the good folks at Kinderschool Adlerian Nursery School:

Encouraging Words
you're capable
I'm glad you are here
you can do it
keep on trying
go for it
you figured it out
you worked really hard
your input is appreciated
what will you do?
that showed a lot of courage
thank you
you can think for yourself
what do you think we should do?
it's okay to cry
it's okay to make mistakes
thumbs up
how do you feel
thanks for your help
you're lovable
good speaking up
tell me about it
you're trustworthy
I trust you to decide for yourself

There are also encouraging actions - which is a much longer list and has a lot more don't dos than do's.

I've taken a few snaps of Jeremy recently, as I've realized that it's mostly Courtney up here but hey, the baby boy is still sleeping and napping a lot so there's not a lot of Kodak I can only take so many of him in the car seat.

Well...better scoot before the night escapes me altogether.

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