Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's a new day.

Last night we stayed up to watch Senator Obama become the President elect of the United States. It's with hope and excitment as we watch what happens across the border. I hope that there will be great change in 2009.

This morning, my husband called to confirm that his bank debit card was also hit. So, on a totally different note, watch your banking activitiy. This is not online action, this is massive fraud that is around the GTA area. Bank cards are being duplicated and funds withdrawn at ATM machines. Mine was hit last night and though it appeared that it was all good and money put back in and even in the end a net +, it was a sign that something wrong. If your card is denied, check into it right away and notify your bank. For now, I'll just lay low and we eat halloween candy - just kidding. Still, it's a bit scary to find out that a piece of you has been tampered with, compromised. I recall an expose on TV a long time ago on how to always watch when and how your debit card gets swiped but over time, I have gotten lazy and I don't pay as much attention anymore. This is a good wake up call.

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