Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Late Halloween Pictures

I've just realized that I never posted a picture of Courtney in her chick costume. Here it is. I'm going to have work on next years and make it a bit more seamless. What you can't see is that the top is actually long enough to be worn like a dress. She's already said that she's looking forward to wearing it as pj's. The puff on the other hand...not sure what we'll be doing with did look pretty good on Ja's head.

This is Courtney after trick or treating. She totally loved being out at night and getting the free candy. What a treat for the kids to have good weather to actually wear their costumes sans winter jacket. It was good to remember when one could dress up as a rock star and bare your mid-riff - not that Courtney will ever be allowed to do that! This picture is her, tired, tired and still begging for candy to eat. As it was so late, one piece of licorice was all that she was allowed.

Check out her loot. The rule for next year is if it is too heavy for you to tote around, it's time to call it a night.

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mc said...

You are so talented, she looks so "mignonne"!