Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So I have been making things. I'm not sure if I can really say that I am creating things because as I browse through the very talented blogs of etsy sewers, it makes be feel uncertain about creation. I'm usually doing this later in the evening when Ja is unwinding and watching TV or doodling. This meaning browsing and making stuff. I'm quite enjoying the outcome and the fact that I can make stuff. I asked Ja, if the excitement that I feel for sewing is like that I felt for scrapbooking and he said that it's different. I was already way too deep with CTMH by the time I realized what I became enthralled with. Sewing seems to be different. Don't get me wrong, I still do love scrapping and stamping.
I've decided to do almost all handmade holiday and to cut into my beautiful stash of fabric. I have to admit that most of the times once I'm done making whatever I am making, I'm so in love with it that I actually want to keep it. But, as I tell myself, there is always more tomorrow and as I tell my daughter, I can always make/buy another one...still.

Here's a patchwork scarf that I've made with all Anna Maria Horner fabric. It turned out so well that I've made another for someone else. The idea is from here, but I did lengthen it quite a bit to almost 50 inches for a 5 year old and the grown-up version is almost 70 inches long.

Also, here's a new backpack that I've made for CJ using some of the coated cotton that I picked up in London last time we were there. Boy, it's so fun, but hard to sew. I still have to fix the closure need to hunt for some magnetic purse thingys - or get some sew in velcro as the sticky stuff isn't holding. CJ loves it!

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mc said...

I loooooooooove the bag and the scarf ! Where do you get all that energy ? I am always so tired when they go to bed !