Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy weekend and Monday is already over.

Tomorrow is Courtney's Christmas concert at school. I can't wait. She's been practicing lines for the play as well as tons of songs. We're going to try and record the concert in bits as our poor little camera might crash.

First off...the Christmas cards are made. They are now being addressed and some are already in the mail. Of course, for overseas, I am late. Did you know you had to have them mailed off by the 4th of December or something like that? Did you also know that if you are making cards and not particularly picky about the envelope...sometimes if you ask a shop that sells Hallmark or Carleton cards if they have extra envelopes they will let you have them for free? What happens is that sometimes a mismatch between cards and envelopes so they send back the cards back and pull out the envelopes.

Also, I've been busy making stuff over the weeks and trying out new ideas. Thanks to Jody for the tutorial on these buckets. They are pretty cute.

These are some really big market totes. More of a summer thing, but you'll be able to put it all in here and be hands free! Thanks to Jessica for the idea and tutorial. I shortened the strap as I found it too long.

Also, made only one of these so far. It's quite nice and I used one of my vintage buttons. I'm still deciding who gets this one. Thanks to tiny happy for the rought pattern.

Anyways, that's all for showee today. Tomorrow is the last day of school and have to whip up the last bits of teacher's christmas gifts. Still pondering a bit on what to do......
Oh, I didn't even really tell what made the weekend so busy ( and productive). I'll post about that next time.

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