Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Concert Day

Before - excited

During - still excited

and after - still excited

Tuesday was Courtney's last day of school as well as the preschool (which is PS, JK and SK) Christmas Concert. It was 30 minutes long and they sang a french song and performed a play with speaking lines and signing. Courtney was even on the program as Rudolph though she only had 3 lines and nearly forgot one of them. It was quite amazing and I loved every minute of it. My little girl is so petite and sprite and energetic. We went shopping weeks before for this magical ( and too expensive) dress. She loved wearing it and with proper white nylons too. We had a long talk about how in this dress she is to resist all temptation to roll around on the ground or do anything rambunctious. But, back to the concert....Imgaine, 5 years olds doing a singing solo! That's one of the things that I do like about her new school. The encouragement to stand out and to stand up in front of people. Everyday, they have assembly, and it's not unusual for Courtney to say that she went up and wants to go up and say, " I found this barrett in the yard, if it's yours come up to SKL", and she does this by going up to the front of the school. She'll have so much more confidence, compared to me at that age....actually, probably any age now that I think about it.'s Saturday and Ja is out shovelling. We had a snowy winter storm yesterday. We are of course the last to have cleared the driveway. Who are these people anyways? Do they wait until the middle of the night to clear off their drive? It's the last weekend before Christmas. I can't believe it really. I still have some parcels to mail off - and likely they will be late now as well as some late cards too. A few errands to run too so that we don't have to be doing stuff last minute. I'll be hosting Christmas Day late lunch too so will have to start to prepare for it. I think I'm going to try and do a crown roast and I still have an apple crumble from apple days bought at CJ's school and I'm also hoping to try my hand at making a Christmas cake. I remember when I was little that I thought it was such a gross cake, but now I quite like it. Guess your tastes really do change. Who knows...(mom) - maybe I will like ginger when I'm old and grey.
After this climatical day, the rest of the week has been nice and low key. We've kept busy by being crafty and homey. Jeremy has been able to slowly return to his usually schedule. After 3 days of a delayed morning ( and almost non-existent) nap - it's nice to have him back to his old self and routine. On Wed, he had his 5 month checkup and he's now 14lb 14 oz. He got 3 needles that day too so on top of being overtired he was then distraught. I did get the meningitis shot for him and was surprised to have to pay $100 for it. Hopefully, it'll get covered by Ja's work benefits plan.
Better go and get ready. Roads are now plowed. Stores are open, time is ticking away.

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