Friday, December 19, 2008

Food for the week.

Ok, so it's Friday and you've missed all the food of the week, but I thought I would still share and recap. So, apparantly, there is this whole system of cooking or preparation of cooking that happens on Sundays. The idea is that you cook for a whole week and then you just do the sides or veggies to go with it. You've got your meals cooked and pretty much ready for the week. I remember a friend telling me about how she would get together with others once a month and do batch cooking and then split it amongst themselves. Well, I decided to give it a try and last weekend, I made a bunch of mains and we've been enjoying them all week. The big reason why I thought I'd give this a try is that I decided that having eggs on toast or salad or nachos isn't really the habit instilling or memory making meals that I want my children to grown up with. Plus, Ja really does like to have MEAT with his meals - something of substance. So, on Friday, I bought pretty much every kind of meat and started to plan in my head. My cooking turned out to be a weekend thing spilling slightly into Monday with batches of cookies thrown in too.

So...without futher's what was cooking.

Turkey and Beef meatballs
Gingerbread cookies to give away and to eat

Roasted garlic lemon chicken with roasted potatoes
Veal strogonaff
Panfried whitefish
OK - it's dinner time here...better get some food ready. I guess this whole cooking in advance isn't too bad. And, it's nice knowing that there is some food ready to serve in the house.

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