Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hope you had a very merry Christmas break!
Here's a recap of ours.

Sledding on Christmas Eve

Driving around looking at holiday lights

New pj's on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

The Crown Roast of Pork

It'll be Sunday tomorrow and Jeremy will have had a full week of mush. Yes, it's true the little man has started solids. He seems to be taking to it quite well. Next up is oatmeal I think....exciting times at this house. Today, we went and got the baby attachement to turn CJ's Stokke chair into a high chair. I've decided to save the $50 it costs on the seat/cushion and try to make one myself out of the cute fabrics that I have. Of course, after getting the tray and high chair baby attachment, I probably should have just forked over that $ too and save myself the time.
Now onto new year's eve.....

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Christy said...

Hi Jen- Merry Christmas. Thanks for the photos! What a beautiful roast and as always, such beautiful children. :)