Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I wonder

What Ja is doing in Rome at this moment....hopefully sleeping. Although, he got off his meetings a bit early and was able to do some shopping. He sent me this snap - isn't it neat. I know at least one friend who would love to be there. Ms. S you know who you are. In any case, he is back enroute home tomorrow along with his luggage that got lost and then got refound only for it to be re-directed hopefully back to him. With any luck, it'll be waiting for him at the Toronto carousel and it'll be as if he never left.

This week, we Ja gone. I have been procrastinating like crazy. I think that they should rename the first week of December, the official procrastination week. For me, it's kind of like, I've missed the key "being ahead of schedule" or even on track holiday deadlines and from here on in, it is just don't think about it Jenn, just do it, a little bit here, cram here, stay up late one night here, kind of like studying for finals. Anyways, I'm sure it'll all get done, but I just got my first holiday card today and I'm starting to feel a bit stressed. For a couple of weeks, I toyed with the idea of not sending out cards. Ideas like saving money, saving paper (though Canada recycles), saving my time...but in the end, I decided that it is nice to get a greeting, a thought during the season. Usually I include a holiday note to write about what's happened in the past year and include pictures. I know how much I enjoy receiving these cards and tidbits of information from people who in a lot of cases, I still care about, am interested in staying in touch, but honestly and unfortunately only hear from or actually connect with once or twice a year. So, I'm going to try and have my cards done this weekend. Try. If you are doing a donation to a charity in lieu of cards, or skipping the whole thing. That's cool too. In the end, everyone does their own thing.
Well...I've got presents to wrap, things to make and apparantly cards to design and assemble.
I'll try to post a picture of Jeremy sticking out his tongue. It's too cute. Gave him some naked time this morning and boy does he ever wiggle around. He's so big too. I can't get over the chub on his thighs. On a good day, maybe if I squished two of Courtney's legs together it might come close.

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