Monday, December 01, 2008

It's December 1st and I'm not yet ready for the holiday season. Are you?

Last week, we put Jeremy in the Jolly Jumper and he just loves it. Now, whever his is upright he is jumping. Stretching his legs, giving them a kick, testing them out. It's pretty cute though it makes him a bit more spit-uppy ( is that a word?). I'm going to have to start putting a bib on him all the time. The droolly days are also starting.

On Sunday, we pulled out the holiday decorations and put up the tree. Courtney wanted to know how Santa would do the stockings and the tree as the chimney is on the main level and the tree in the basement now. Apparantly, as per daddy, Santa just makes himself at home and walks around doing his business. Good thing mommy knows about this now's important to get our stories straight. We also hit the mall on Saturday hoping to snap some good deals. The mall was not busy...maybe it's still early for shoppers, maybe it's a sign, still it's different seeing people leave without tons of shopping bags. Ended up getting CJ some Geox school shoes as we had discovered that our little hot so apparantly, does sweat it up in her feet and they were starting to smell and itch. Her other shoes were not cheapo ones, Stride Rites - so we'll see how these patent technology shoes perform. Apparantly, they are comfortable too. I've started to use talcum powder on her tender tootsies after her nightly wash too. Who knew that talcum powder is not a thing of the past. Oh yes, we also cut her hair. It got a bit shorter than planned, but it's all good in the end. Makes "doing hair" in the morning rush a lot easier.

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