Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

4 stockings this year. I made one of them for Jeremy, but turns out Courtney doesn't like the Reindeer. Go figure, as she is Rudolph in her upcoming school play. So, I guess Jeremy gets the reindeer stocking. Poor guy, even when I try to give him something new, he gets a hand me down. Probably my fault.

Tomorrow Courtney is back to school. She has been a bit ill, and was nervous about going back to school. Who knew that going back to school after being away sick can cause stomach cramps. Certainly, I don't ever remember getting the jitters or butterflies - not until I started working FT that is. But, Ja remembers feeling that way as a little boy, so he could relate and explained it to Courtney so that she would stop hyperventilating, calm down and go to sleep. Mama just told her to stop fake crying and to keep doing the breathing exercises. Boy, I think I am just a bit clueless sometimes.

Anyways, here are the kids, just chilling downstairs watching the tube.

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