Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 3 - Good strategy for errands

Right now we are trying to teach Courtney to eat the worst first or save the best for last in an attempt to help her finish her plate a bit faster, but it's a hard one to explain and more times than not, she eats the best first.

When shopping or running errands and short on time, I have discovered that if you apply a similar principle but do your furthest errand first or the one you want to do least first, you get more done in the end. And, of course, what you don't get to is then closer for you to drive to and or more enjoyable for you to undertake.

This application to shopping was new to me. I do it most of the time and I feel a lot more accomplished when I apply it when I'm stressed or have a lot to do. Afterall, who doesn't like the sense of getting something done that they don't want to really do. As my husband, Ja says, if you have a touch a laziness in you, doing the worst first is a good way to keep procrastination in check.

Hopefully this makes some sense and maybe even helps you plan out your days.

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