Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 4 - Online shopping

I have been shopping online for a number of years. Perhaps I am being daring by simply using my everyday credit card. I guess maybe I am just a bit wild that way. If you have not tried online shopping, it can really make your life a bit easier, never mind that you can do it any time of the day, it comes right to your door, you can also get great deals online too. The downside is that you'll probably find a shop that doesn't ship to Canada or the country that you reside in. And, of course, it can be an added cost to make a return. But, overall I find with the price of gas, my limited time to spend in a conventional shopping centre, my abilitly to just do online browsing, the selection and delivery straight to my door makes it a great option. Typically, I shop when I absolutly need to so I pay regular price, a lot of the times though I am just "window shopping" and find some great deals that I can't pass up. With lean times, buy onsale.

Some people set up a specific credit card with a lower limit to protect themselves from fraud. If this makes you feel more comfortable, go for it. Credit card companies, I find have pretty good systems set up to detect fraud to limit their limibility. If a purchase is not yours, it's fairly easy to make the claim and get the charges reversed.

So, onto a few of my favorite places to shop. Keep in mind that these are all places that I have made a purchase from. Which is different from stores that I just put stuff in the shopping cart - see the total - freak out - and exit the site.

Oh, one thing - I do try to only shop at places where either they 1) ship by USPS or 2) their prices are inclusive of customs and duty ( that means it's built in - or they add it to your bill). I have learned that if you have to use the couriere's ie. UPS or Fedex service it's normally too pricey. The minimum is about an additioan $40 to your bill, so unless you are buying something really expensive, it's probably not worth it. Last time, I shopped at, I found that out. So, be aware, some deals are only really worth it if you live in the states, know someone who you can ship your stuff to in the states or have a PO box in the states.

  • If you look under overstocks, great deals on On the Counter. Sizes tend to fit a bit larger than normal for kids. You can do returns at some Sears centres now.
  • Great, comfortable, long lasting clothing. Sizes then to fit a bit bigger.
  • Lots of nice staples. Tends to fit a bit on the slim side. Cute kids clothes, wait for the sales as shipping is a bit more.

House and Home

  • If you don't have one near you, they will ship to Canada for a mere 10% added for customs. With the added selection and sale items, you can really luck out.
  • For Toronto area only - home delivery of local and organic fruits and vegetables. You can set up a regular service or choose one ofs.
  • For natural and environmental friendly home cleaning products.

Other stuff

  • I have also shopped at which is really Chapters but to be honest, you get your product a lot faster though Amazon.
  • This is a great site for all things handmade. I have found service good and reliable. Shipping is normally done though USPS.
  • Yes, who hasn't bought something on ebay. We've not bought much mostly because we never "win" the auction. The "buy it now" option is much better.
  • Great for kids TV logoware. They are pretty fast although you don't get a ship notification to let you know the box has left.
  • If you just need LEGO. I got this year's Advent Lego calendar here as they were sold out in the shops. It came really quickly.
  • Toy store out of Toronto that ship great toys. You won't find Barbie or Transformers here though.
  • For safe baby, maternity and nursing products. Ships out of Canada.

Craft related

Boy, I'm surprised that my list isn't longer. I guess I must do more browsing than I thought. If there are any favorite spots that you can share, please share.

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