Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 6 - Laughing is good

I always like a good joke and a good laugh. These days though, I can't seem to remember any. I'm sure this will change as ages 6-7 is the joke phase.

In any case, what this post is about is laughing. Funniness. Hilarity. It's good to have a dose of it. Probably daily, but I'm not sure if I can handle that.

Last night, Ja's new National Geographic subscription arrived and as he looks though it, he spots a picture of goats in a tree and shares it with us. It is amazing and crazy and funny all at the same time. We had a good laugh about it.

Well, this morning, mommy was a bit tired and grumpy from waking up early again and then Jeremy NOT going back to sleep, so it was just a no-nonsense morning. I was trying to direct my grumpiness at Jeremy but the whole time I was thinking of how silly that was as he's just a baby and can't really help himself. So, then I'm thinking about who I can be mad at - see I really want to be mad at somebody ( anybody like that?). Oh - and did I say we have about all of oh 20 minutes to have breakfast, make lunch and go? Courtney has finally finished her cereal and proceeds to open her mail.....remember she loves her mailbox, and there is two notes. One from me, and one from daddy.

Here's what daddy's says,

"Watch out for goats in the trees. They might bite. Have a great day"

Precious. We both burst out laughing remembering seeing the picture of the goats in trees from last night. Courtney then reads her note to Jeremy. I've forgotten about my grumpiness. How amazing is that? Good memories, laughing, sharing of a moment and remembering to laugh and laugh again.

Oh - I found this video of the goats - neat. I couldn't find the picture of the goats in trees. It's probably still copyrighted to National Geographic.


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