Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 9 - Good things in small sizes

These days, Courtney eats what we do at meals at home. To a certain degree her packed lunches cater to her though. She's always been good at trying new things and since she never eats very much of anything including her favorite foods, it's just as well that she just has a bite of weird looking, plated grown up food.

Last night, I threw together some potatos, collard greens and sirloin steak and this is what happens to dinner when you blog.

Turns out she couldn't get those little potatoes fast enough into her mouth. Honestly, it's the first time that I saw her stuffing herself. Before her mouth was empty, she was scooping up more. So, the jist of this post is good things come in small sizes. I know there is a huge following and need for some folks to cut their food up really really small and even blend it for it to be consumed by their kids. I am discovering that making if cute, and small might just be another strategy.'s to cute, very diced up foods. I've done just cute food or food cut up in shapes, but I think the key is the smallness of it.

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