Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. It's a nice quiet sunniesh day out and Jeremy is still napping. He has started to do two 3 hour naps during the daytime and then his more or less usual night time sleep.

Last night, Ja and I stayed up to watch 2 movies. Eagle Eye and Burn After Reading. Both were surprisingly entertaining and a good way to pass the time into the new year. We missed midnight though and said our happy new years a bit later.

Courtney got this really cute book called, The Runaway Dinner, and we've been reading it in the afternoons. It's about a dinner that ran away. The main character being a sausage...and so we are having sausages for lunch today. Lately, she has been doing a bit better with her eating and her weight has jumped up to 35lbs! Wow! I'm really happy for her...she is almost into her princess booster chair.

There has also been exciting news with Jeremy. He's been eating mush now for a week or two and has even progressed to soft banana. He really likes to eat and grumbles and talks when we don't focus on spooning the food to him. He was lucky to get the whole Boon system of feeding accessories so we'll be using it. It's free of bpa. I'll be getting rid of most of the bottles and feeding stuff that we had for Courtney as it's now all "unsafe" plastic. I know that I could probably still use it and since I used it with Courtney - it can't be that bad ( or maybe it is). I think I just hear that bpa is in 80% of all adult humans... now that can't be a good thing. So the thing is that just because I used it for her doesn't mean that I need to also use it for him. When new things come out that are better and healthier and safer, I'm for improvement and betterment. Safety is foremost for us, not so much the best of everything. Other news is that he's also just sprouted two little teeth - front teeth - on his lower jaw. That's right, not ONE, but TWO! Oh, and his hair is slowly growing and we are happy to report that his head is as soft as ever.

Here is a picture of him, first taste of mush.

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Michelle said...

Hey, Sean finally hit the 35 lb mark too. At this rate, Sean and Courtney will probably be in car/booster seats until they're 16!