Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jeremy is 6 months!

Wow. How time flies. I can't believe it. It seems like it all goes by so much faster the second time around. I can understand why some women have more than 2 children or for that matter, just keep having children. As a stay at home mom, I can see how easily being a mom can become your being, your raison etre. But, I also believe that just being a caregiver is not enough. It is not fair to those you love to give your all to them because it is almost impossible then to not expect something back. And, since you tell yourself that you are doing it selfishless, I believe that is denial. Nobody is buddha. It's nice to think of something for nothing, but the reality is that something is always for something. Even if it's a kind word, a smile, or a hug. For things to be fair ( and that means happy) the equation has to be balanced. You give and you get.

But back to being six months. Here are some pictures of my little boy. We had our checkup today and all is as it should be. He is almost back to in the 50th percentile and weighs in at just over 16lbs - no more 6 month clothes! We are well into 6-12 months. He's a real wiggler too, so I'm going to have to look for some zipper sleepers and he keeps busting out of them at night.

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