Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does anyone speak baby?

My firstborn was such a chatterbox. She would laugh out loud all the time. She would cry and when she was tired, she would mumble and kind of talk her self to sleep. Now, Courtney is 5 years old and she talks about a mile a minute. Thank goodness, I'm older than her because otherwise she would be using bigger words that me. Yesterday, in the car coming home from school, she needed to know, to understand why a rule is always a rule. Specifically, she wanted to know why she couldn't touch her brother and his soft head right away. See, I have this rule that she has to wash her hands right when she comes home from school...and with lots of soap. It kills her to not be able to just reach out and do whatever she wants to him ( which is all kindness right now).

So, I told her that it's mamma's rule.
And she says, why do I always have to do it.
So I say, well a rule is something that you do all the time that is why you always are doing the same thing.
And she says, that's not good enough.
So I say, well, that's the definition of a rule, a rule is just something that gets repeated, you do the same thing and that's what makes it a rule.
And she says, no mama you can't say that, that's like how I said 'because" and you said that I can't just say because I have to say more than that.
So I say, no it's not the same and I went on to explain that my rule is that you wash your hands before you touch Jeremy and when you come home from school, but there are other rules, like when you see a stop sign you always stop, when you want to touch a dog you ask before, when we eat food we sit at the table and maybe a few more because I tend to overdo it sometimes like if I say it enough she's remember ( but really I think she's rolling her eyes or zoning out).
And she says, well - actually she doesn't say anything. I can see she is looking out the window.
So then I realize that she want to understand WHY it's rule....aha!

I remember not too long ago reading that toddlers go through a phase of always asking WHY? Courtney never went through that phase, probably because we were always talking it out, giving examples explaining things without her needing to ask WHY....and now, these days, because I am tired, and somewhat cranky, she questions so much more and is not satisfied with my answers, and drives me crazy with her responses, I don't explain as much as I did or as well and actually as I'm thinking about it, I probably use more examples now too. So, now she is asking the "WHY". I guess, all this might mean that I need to keep the "WHY" in mind more. I should embrace that the WHY is not a phase. It fosters creativitiy, growth, learning and teaches her to keep seeking answers.

But, I this was supposed to be about secret baby code.

So, now there is Jeremy. Sweet, majority of the time quiet little guy. He laughs with his eyes. His mouth is open but no sound comes out. But, lately, he has started to "talk"...if that is what one would call it. Is it talking when he just goes "hhmm"? It's kind of like the second part to when you are agreeing to something.

It goes like this....

I say, open...mmmmm cereal.
He says, hhmm.
Lips closed.
I say, what does that mean?
He says, hhmm. Spoon kisses his lips. Then he opens his mouth.
I try to give him some bottle.
He says, hhmm.
Lips closed.
I say, ok, guess no bottle.

It happens quite a bit. "hhmm" seems to be his answer. It's kind of like hhmm with a period a the end. Not hhmm? or hhmm! Just hhmm.

So, if there are any baby lauguage translaters out there...would much appreciate your help. Really. hhmm.

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