Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

was spent doing nothing but hanging out with....each other. Though we had grand plans to go out and do the end, we were all tired and just stayed in and played, ate and slept. This is the second year of Family Day in Ontario and the malls are still closed! (I am dying to hit a mall) In Alberta, it's a great day to go shopping ( with the family of course). Here, it's a proper holiday and things like the grocery stores are also shut for the day.

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day.

It was pretty low key and low budget this year.

We had cute little gifts laid out on the kitchen table the morning of the 14th. Ja and Courtney made heart shaped pancakes. Turns out I don't have a heart shaped cookie cutter! I can't believe that. So, Ja had to ad lib with the knife. It was all good.

I got a nice big big mug for tea. I've just started to drink it again and love the idea of a big cup in a big mug. Though, I hear that one should really drink tea in fine china or porcelain. But, I'm not that fancy. I got some of my favorite chocolate. Artisan Chocolatier - Caramel Fleur de Sel by Bovetti. Yummy! A cute little notebook and a heart shaped cookie. How Sweet!

I made some little things for my honeys and decided to wait until Jeremy was a bit more aware of things to make something for him. Handmade cards for all and for Courtney, I whipped up a covered notebook, paper holder. Remember how she is into writing and receiving notes. Well, these notes get quickly recycled here in this kitchen and turns out she wants to keep them. So, daddy got her a cute little notebook for her to paste her notes into and I made this keep-all to tuck in all in. Oh, I got to use one of my magnetic clips - LOVE them!

For, Ja, he got a little tea holder wallet. Very cute and will be handy when he travels - as he does like his tea. This tutorial is from here - so thanks!

Courtney decorated a mailbox just for daddy. I think it's going to get a lot of use.

The rest of the day was just spent lazing around, tidying, going for a walk, napping. We are quite boring here. A great roasted chicken dinner along with last minute x-o-x-o brownies was nice end to the day. I'd forgotten how amazing a good roasted and basted chicken can be.

Tomorrow is a big day for Courtney. Tune in for the details!

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