Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It'll be a long day

The past nights, Jeremy has started to wake up at 5AM and the first nap is no longer easy. He's not been up for a while as it's nearly 10:30 AM and he's squealing away. The reason? He's not in a swaddle. Up until now, we've swaddle him and he's slept really well and easily. But lately, with all the rolling and stuck on his tummy and excessive drooling while on his tummy, it might be time to start the sleep training. I'm going to go up one last night and try to swaddle him again soon...but I think the easy days might be on break for a while.

Can you believe that this cutie can cause so much noise and unrest? Poor CJ has been waking up early too and since she's still not recovered from her cold, I hope she doesn't catch something else. She needs to put on some of the chub she lost.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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B said...

Those cute kids sure can cause us grief sometimes can't they. Here's to hoping that morning nap becomes easier, and that he let's you sleep in a little more in the mornings.

You came by my blog in Dec. for a giveaway. I'm having another if you are interested in swinging by.