Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Making baby food

The sun is out and it makes me feel like doing stuff. So, this morning I have been steaming and blending and making baby food. If you popped into my kitchen you would know that it's a serious operation. I'm even making some baby meat stew. The recipe says to simmer for 30 minutes, I think it's going to take much longer than that to make that stewing beef soft. Still, it's making the house smell good.

The other thing that came out of the kitchen was these.

Teething Biscuits. One of my favourite magazines is called Wonder time and in it was a teething biscuit recipe. Actually, I probably bought the magazine this month just for the recipe so I'm super glad that I actually made it. I gave one to Jemmy this morning and he seems to like it. The only I changed was to use all organic ingreients. The dough seems to put up with a lot of touching too so maybe I'll get Courtney to help more next time. Still trying to figure it out and bangs it around. Courtney feels a bit left out and even though she ate one of the small cutouts already...she really wants to have her own teething biscuit. I told her she doesn't need them...she's got cookies. "oh". was what she said. The main ingredient is maple syrup and I just love using it, it's such a weird thing that it comes from tree sap. Who knew nature could be so versatile.

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