Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So proud

Every morning, the kids as Fern Hill school attend assembly. The assembly is put on by the students. They start with the grade 8's and after months and months of observation and excitement, it's finally the senior kindergarten classes's turn.

This week was Courtney's class. SKL. And she was the presenter at assembly. We had practiced all weekend. Stand straight. Legs together. Speak slowly. Loud Voice. Eye Contact. Smile. And she did a great job. I wonder if she was nervous as all. She seemed to just be a pro. I remember public speaking was always nerve racking but then the way they do it at this school, it seems like it's just part of the norm. Everybody just does it and it's no big deal.

Here she is. Way at the front. There were a bunch of kids missing this morning because of rehearsal for the upcoming musical. Still, she's up there.

Way to go Courtney! You did it!

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