Sunday, February 01, 2009

Still sick

Courtney that is. She's spluttering away. Starting to get those red rings around her eyes, which I think is a not so good sign. I gave her some hope that maybe she'll be back at school tomorrow to help her psyche herself up for a good restful sleep, but we shall see. She's not been eating so I even gave her some ice cream this afternoon ( which she only had a bit of) but it did perk her up as she said, "maybe being sick is fun". Hmmm - the magic of ice cream. Other than ice cream and chicken noodle soup, what are some other in times of sickness type of things do you guys do? I'm looking for some help as I've realized that I might not really know what the "rules" are for home sick. Do you keep the child in bed, can they watch TV? do they have to stay under covers, should they be drinking tons of water, should they be encouraged to nap or "rest with their eyes closed?". I'm trying to remember what it was like when I was sick, but honestly, I can only recall never really being sick much, or being so sick that it was obvious that I stayed in bed and just vegged out and dozed in and out of sleep.

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