Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today was the first day that I ventured out in the morning. Morning France time that is. I was curious about these daily markets and wanted to have a reference as tomorrow's is supposed to be extra lively. I can't wait.

I picked up a few yummies for us to enjoy today as we are going to see some friends and have a picnic in a parc. Hopefully, the kids will s'amuser ( amuse themselves).

What do we have here?

Well...there is some local sausages. Dry cured, I believe....pheasant, bull and conte - which is a type of cheese. A sweet melon which I think is just coming into season as well as the funkiest tomato. And, fresh dates. I had forgotten that everything thing here is non-gmo. That's genetically modified so grapes taste different and are full of seeds. There was also a vendor which sold mostly all different salads....gorgeous to look at...and of course, I picked up some for dinner tonight which we'll have with some fish which was fished from the med - this morning. How cool is that!

Oh, my french is coming back....somewhat. And, of course, it helps to start everything with a 'bonjour' and end it with an "aurevoir".

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