Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By the sea and the sun

We are in France at the moment and enjoying the good weather. You can tell who the tourists are as we are in our summer'ish wear. The locals are in jackets. I have taken to going somewhere in the middle, and sweep a kelly green scarf around me. Ja is in full t-shirts and claims to be sweating all the time.

We are mostly out of jet lag, with the exception of Jeremy who is probably going to stay on his time. So far, it has been really more relaxing than anything else. We are really happy to be based out of Antibes as it's just a cute little town with windy little alleys and cute shops to browse. Not a bit city at all. We are by the water and the biggest port in the med. Tonight, we went to check out the 17th largest yacht. There is a picture of Courtney in front of it. We drove into vieux Nice today and had lunch and browsed the boardwalk, beach, and a local market. All very quaint.

Here are some random pictures of our trip so far.

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