Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Give yourself a break

I've decided that there should be a day that is called give yourself a break.

No, this is not the same as a bail out day, or a be lazy day, or a give up day. Stop feeling guilty about whatever and know that you are doing great. Not just OK, but great.

Everyday since the day that we are born, we follow rules. Some of them are inate, some of them are automatic and some of them are from habit. Some of them make sense, some of them don't, and some of them...well it doesn't matter. But, everyday, we are guided in how we should behave. Our behaviour changes depending on our environment, the times we are in, the people we interact, the stage in life we are at, so it should be fair to say that what is acceptable should be different for every single person because we are all in a different stage.

There are obvious ( I think) things that we should never do. These are things where there is no exception and if undertaken should have deep, life altering type of consequences. On the whole, they should not vary by individual. For me, they can be lumped into these categories: Abuse, intolerance, ignorance. See what would happen in a day if you just did it differently. Change your perspective and it will change the people around you. And if you are reading this and wondering, "what is she talking about", then you probably don't need a break.

At the same time, we should always be growing, improving ourselves, reaching out because by doing so you touch life. Your own and the one surrounding yourself.

I can't remember even where I heard this and can only remember vaguely...but it had to do with a women who was complaining and fretting about having too much to do. Being stressed about all the things that she provided to her family. Her friend asked her what she had to do specifically and she gave an example of having to shuck, boil, and bag a bushel of corn in the middle of the night because otherwise the corn who go bad and her family wouldn't have fresh corn later on. Her friend asked her, if her family asked her to do this, or if corn was their favorite food and it turned out that it was something that the women set upon herself. It was her decision. I try to remember that little story, whenever I look down at my list of things to do. Very often, there are a few things like the corn that I can "take a break from" and cross off my list.

There have been books and lots of ideas on "it's the little things that matter", the daily life. Try to remember that it does matter, but only if you let it. If you make the week matter, the month matter, the moment matter...then I think that is what matters. If you take a break, and not let it matter, then you know what, it's a blip, just a blip, not even a slip up, it's a break.

And so this day is coming up....mark it on your calendars >>>> April 2nd, it's your gimme day, your mulligan, your change it up day, your blip day.

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Anonymous said...

Jenn, I always read these and think I have to remember to ask you about or comment on something. SO I figure I'll just do this in case I forget.

I totally agree with you and right now, my break is cleaning the house. Which I can't stand to live in clutter and messiness. I drives me nuts. ButI'd rather play with Alex then just vaccum or clean the bathroom. So it's just getting the basics done and leave the rest for another time.

I'm not a total neat freak but would you believe I cancelled housekeeping because I couldn't be bothered to call each time to say they didn't do this or that. Plus you have to tidy up (clothes/toys at least) before they clean. It was more stress then anything. I'd actually prefer to take a secret day off (send Alex to daycare) and clean up in peace.