Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I am very very close to finishing my first Japanese pattern and I'm so excited. Just need to add the trim for the final touches. It's from this book...anybody else have it? It's called Stylish Clothes for Girls. I really really love it.

Did I mention that Ja's in London at the moment and I'm being really good about what he's to bring home? Of course, could be because we are going to France in a few weeks so I have to watch my spending.

Here is the list...in case Ja's blackberry goes dead.

1. 1/2 metre of fabric at Liberty's ( yes - the real thing!) I'm hoping that he will score a bag of remnants.
2. English Chocolates / Box of Chocs...probably smarties - did you know that they taste different than the American and Canadian ones....and yes, there is a difference between US and Cdn. As an aside, apparantly, the American ones are gluten free and more of a candy than chocolate.
3. Thorton's caramels.
4. Lamb cereal for Jeremy. I know it sounds a bit gross, but it's so cool. They have flavours like Winston's Mint Lamb Stew and it's in dry format and you add water to make it up. Ummm - I should specify organic to Ja. I know they's have a much larger organic selection there.
5. Penguin bars. (this is secret for chocolate lunch bars - a treat for Courtney and me ( nope I didn't say me out loud did I?)

I see it seems to be leaning towards food. Better go to bed...getting hungry just writing all this down.

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