Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I really really like these pictures. Actually, I love taking pictures with the window reflection. Especially these days as Courtney hardly poses or looks into the camera. She does this weird thing where she just stared into space, into nothing.

Taken on the weekend when we went to the CN Tower. Just as I thought, Courtney was expecting more than just a trip up to the top. I'm not sure what...but more. Still, it was good to get out as a family and do something. She was a bit freaked out sitting on the glass floor and we got to see how Jeremy reacts when he misses or gets a very little afternoon snooze.

Now I can cross off CN Tower off my list. Back in the summer, I made a list of all kinds of stuff that I wanted to do with Courtney before the second baby came, I did run out of time and energy...so it's time to work off that list again.

Ja's in the UK for the week, so hopefully, it won't be too crazy of a week for us all. I've finally relaxed about not getting Courtney to school by 8:15 am. I'm OK with snaking in just before 8:40 AM when the preschool door closes and the school gets locked up.

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