Sunday, March 01, 2009

Making stuff

It only takes about a day to make a little dress. I think once I find the right pattern, I'll be making tons. I seem to have amassed a few patterns lately and just decided that it was time to start making stuff again. I think one of my holdbacks had been me trying to be super thrifty and re-using a pattern. This means that i have to trace out the pattern in the size that I want and then cut it out. So, I decided to just cut the pattern out and heck - I can always buy another pattern size if I really need to. This has turned out to be a good strategy because look what I made.
And, now that I've done this, I can see that with a few more practice go's, I'll probably be able to modify my cut pattern to size anyways.

This is just some fun fabric that I picked up when our local Fabricland was closing. I'd bought it knowing that I would use it to test out patterns, but it's turned out to be really sweet and perfect for little girls. I'm going to try and make a matching dress for me. I know that's probably a bit cheesy - but I don't know - I really like having a few things that match with Courtney. Probably, becuase Courtney gets such joy in knowing that she is just like mommy.

I do like this pattern, it's a McCalls. I cut out a size 6, but had to take it in quite a bit to fit my petite girl. I can see now that it's a bit of an "older" style dress with all the ruching. But, that's also what I like about it.

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