Sunday, March 29, 2009

Playing around

I've been really tired this past week and a bit lazy too. Maybe those two characteristics go hand in hand. In any case, I'll try to post some pictures of France soon as it's such a fabulous place.

The other reason why, I've been away is......I gave in and took the Twilight book to France and have been sucked into the books. Yes, they are completely addictive...almost like a drug. Take them for what they are though...a good read, a tamer harlequin type romance impossible story that makes you wish for the impossible. So, if you haven't read them, a warning. Pretty much expect to lose a week or so of your life. Oh, and if you are thinking of starting them, save yourself the time and just get all the books at once, you really can't stop after just reading the first one.

Today, I did get to play around with the camera and came out with these great shots of the kids. They are growing up so quickly. When I spoke to Courtney on the phone this afternoon, I heard her sweet baby voice and was happy to hear that she still had it. I'd better record it soon before it changes into a tween. Jeremy, well...he is much the same. He's been saying mama a lot more when he's in the crib and needs my attention. At the moment, I think mama = diaper change, but time will tell. He is still on French time. Sigh. Maybe he'll switch back tomorrow, if not, Courtney is back to school after being off for over 2 weeks - so I'll have to start waking him soon - which y'all know how much I love doing that.

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