Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Since I'm on a roll with all this posting. Catch up posting. Here is a peak of my newest bits to my fabric stash. I could only find 2 fabric shops in the Antibes area. Once was mostly a home dec retail outlet, but carried bolts in the back so that you could make your own Provence ware, and then another little shop called Vanessa Tissus which carried mostly clothing, fashion cloths.

As, I teeter more towards sewing cloths than making quilts, here some more yummies to add to my collection. I did consciously try to pick out with Jeremy in mind, but some of the florals were too pretty to pass.

Oh, and some trim too though it was hard to pick and I'm really trying to buy trim and ribbon specific to my project. There is a store in Toronto that is supposed to be ribbon heaven, I think it's called Mokuba. I'm going to stay far away from that place.

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